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  • Superflow 902 Engine Dynos
  • AutoDyn Chassis Dyno
  • ASNU - Injector Testing
  • EFI Engine Calibration
  • Carbureted Engine Calibration


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2 Engine Dynos - Autodyn Chassis Dyno - Flowbench Service - Fuel Injector Servicing and More!

For all your testing needs, Westech is here!

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Superflow 902 Engine Dynos are available for your engine testing needs. With the addition of the second engine dyno, we have doubled the testing time available and shortened the wait! Come test with the best and share the experience the magazines rave about. Fuel Injected, Carbureted, Marine Race, Supercharged. Get Superflow Windows Software!

Drag Race, Oval Track, Off-Road, Street Rods, Hot Rods, Musclecars, Street Machines, Trucks, Performance Imports, Dragboat, High Performance Marine and more.......Rest assured, WE SUPERFLOW IT! Power absorption and advanced data-gathering technology is only the beginning of the Superflow Autodyn Chassis Experience. Precision, expertise, experience, knowledge...what are you waiting for?

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